Facts about Jamaica

Jamaica is an island of awesome beauty and endless diversity; located at the axis of major shipping and air routes in the heart of the Caribbean.  It is 885.1 km or 550 miles south of Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking Island in the Caribbean. Jamaica’s land area is 10,976.9 sq. km. or 4,243 sq. miles.

The island is split by forested central mountain ranges; surrounded by broad coastal plains and beautiful beaches. 

Jamaica has a tropical climate.  Its population of approximately 2.5 million and consists of a diverse mix of ethnic origins.  While most are of African origin, many are descendants of Chinese, Europeans, East Indians among others.

Kingston is the island’s Capital and its major commercial centre.  Its harbour is the 7th best natural harbour in the world.  It is located on the south east coast of the island.  Together with the island’s most upscale suburbia, St. Andrew, which adjoins the city, they cover 258.9 sq. km or 100 sq. miles. 

Jamaica’s major industries include Mining and Tourism. 
The island is well known for its beautiful white sandy beaches;
Reggae (Bob Marley) music; and rich cultural heritage of warm and friendly people.

The southern side of Jamaica has the highest concentration of the island’s cultural heritageous and natural attractions.  Apart from Kingston, the capital, notable towns include Spanish Town, the old capital, May Pen, Mandeville and Black River.

The northern coastline is famous for its sun, sea and sand tourism.  Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second city is on that side.  Other towns include Falmouth, St. Ann’s Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Maria.  To the eastern tip is Port Antonio which is referred to as the “Cradle” of Jamaica’s Tourism; and, to the west end is Negril with its world class Seven Miles of white sand beach.  Tourism is one of the main engines of economic growth for the island.

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